Vanessa McConnell
Devonport, Tasmania (North West Coast)
Mobile: 0418 278 670

OA/TOF child: Renee, born 14.12.2014 (identical twin of Abigail), short gap repaired day after birth

"I’ve taken on the role of OARA Tassie Rep (alongside Rebecca Sims) because I want to be able to help, support and encourage families who are dealing with the challenges of OA/TOF children.  It can feel like a lonely journey at times but great to be able to talk to others who have been on the journey".

Rebecca Sims
Port Sorrell, Tasmania (North West Coast)
Mobile: 0409 211 911

OA/TOF child: Leo, born 20.12.2014 (twin of Jimi)

"During Leo’s stay in hospital he made another little Victorian OA/TOF friend Oliver and we also met our fellow Tassie twin OA/TOF Renee.  I have found having Oliver and Renee’s mums to chat to over the last 18 months a great help.  Even though all our journeys have been different I have found the support and advice from others on a similar journey invaluable.   I am hoping by taking on the Tassie Rep role with Vanessa I will be able to provide this support and maybe a few tips from our experiences to other OA/TOF families".

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